Before we know it, the holidays will be upon us yet again, and that means more delicious appetizers, rich and hearty meals, and decadent desserts. While all these things are perfectly fine in moderation, food cravings can hit before we even sit down for a family dinner, and can throw off more than how much you consume at mealtime. Cravings can affect your entire weight loss journey, especially if they become routine. 

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to help decrease food cravings before the holidays even begin – setting you up for success now and in the months to come! Some of the more tried and true ways to beat food cravings include drinking water before a meal, getting enough quality sleep each night, decreasing stress, and eating foods that make up a whole, nutrient-dense diet. However, ensuring that you are not holding back from enjoying your favorite holiday treats is also a helpful tip! Do you want a fine glass of wine with your Thanksgiving meal? Enjoy it . . . but drink water before and after as well. Perhaps, your favorite aunt is making your favorite pecan pie, and you would love a slice! Fortunately, a slice of pie will not set you completely off track if your overarching fitness goal is weight loss. So, enjoy a slice in appropriate portion size, and know that you are still on track to achieve your goals! 

You are not alone if you are still learning how to fight food cravings. Many people follow “The Four D’s” from Fear No Food in order to help reduce food cravings that might creep up during this festive time of year. “The Four D’s” are: 

  • Delay – give yourself 20 minutes before you indulge your craving
  • Determine – figure out the real reason you want the food you are craving
  • Distract – do something else instead of eating the food you are focused on
  • Distance – put the food out of your reach all together

If you have implemented these holiday diet tips and you find that you are still struggling, that is okay! It may be time for more specialized assistance. The professionals at Revitalize know how tough it can be to battle food cravings year-round, especially around the holidays. If you want more one-on-one assistance with decreasing those cravings and losing weight, Revitalize is the best weight loss clinic near you. Our team of experts will help you become better equipped to handle the holidays in moderation! Contact us today to schedule your consultation.