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Our Weight Loss Programs

We offer various programs to fit every lifestyle and budget. Each program is customized to you using our biometric technology and expert coaching staff.

Virtual or In-Person Programs

Whether you’re near one of our weight loss clinics or out of state, all of your onboarding and coaching can be done either in-person or virtually. With 1:1 video coaching visits and sending our technology and at-home smart scale to you, your virtual program allows you to get the same world class coaching and results from the comfort of your home.

Flexible Lifestyle Program

The wellness-first, goal-based approach of our Flexible Lifestyle Program helps you achieve your weight loss and wellness goals with freedom and flexibility. Acheive your goals while still enjoying dining out, travel, vacations, and socializing with alcohol.

Weight Loss & Metabolic Reset Programs

Stop spinning your wheels with fad diets and weight loss products that leave you frustrated. The re:vitalize holistic weight loss program uses state-of-the-art biometric technology to build a healthy, personalized program that works for your body and metabolism.

If one-size-fits-all doesn’t work for t-shirts, it certainly doesn’t work for weight loss and nutrition.

- Dan LeMoine, re:vitalize co-founder and lead nutritionist

Our Approach To Holistic Weight Loss

Lose weight quickly and sustainably with our holistic and customized Weight Loss & Metabolic Reset Program.

Lose up to 10% or more of your body weight in first 6 weeks.

See signficiant and measurable metabolic improvement and habit formation for sustained results.

Stop spinning your wheels with fad diets and weight loss products that leave you frustrated.

Frequently Asked Questions

You WON’T be eating any bars, shakes, or pre-packaged meals.

You WILL be eating tons of vegetables, proteins, and fruits from your unique Foods for Weight Loss list generated from your BioScan results. You’ll prepare these foods under our guidance into delicious and easy recipes and menu suggestions (or you’ll make up your own if you already know your way around the grill and kitchen)

One thing to note is that this is NOT a Never-Enjoy-Another-Carb-Again-type approach. Our goal once we’re through the more structured part of the program is to reintroduce all the foods under the sun. We want you to enjoy food and not fear it. There will be a place for a piece of pizza and a beer, or a bowl of ice cream in your future. However we want to first rebalance the body and fix the metabolism, and then equip you with your roadmap to continued success.

It sure can! Our program is already more “plant-forward” so going full vegan/vegetarian is super easy.

In fact Dr. Abood first did the program as a vegan and one of our clinical nutritionists on staff is a long-time vegetarian and has helped us build out a comprehensive vegetarian approach to our program.

Absolutely! While we’d love to see you, every aspect of our program can be facilitated remotely. Some clients are 100% remote (holler at all our out-of-state peeps!), some only come in on occasion and have the rest of their program done remotely (like our folks on in West Valley of Cleveland), some just come in person. Check out how it works HERE or book a virtual consultation with us to find out exactly how this would work for you.

During the most structured first 40-60 days of your program we’d (ideally) like to check in with you every 7-14 days in order to do a body composition analysis (to track your metabolic age, body fat percentage, hydration levels, visceral fat rating, etc.) and to make sure you’re feeling great. For our remote clients, these check-ins are done virtually via video or phone.

(E.G. Food Allergies, Diverticulitis, Ibs, Gastric Surgery, Gout, Acid Reflux, Thyroid Medication, Blood Thinners/Limit Vitamin K, Etc.) Yes. Each program will be tailored to your unique needs to ensure you’re seeing meaningful results and feeling great. Schedule an initial consultation so we can talk through your unique needs and decided together if our program will be a good fit.

It is the most consistent and successful weight loss program I have ever used. You will see results when you follow the program. IT IS PURE AND SIMPLE.

- Greg, re:vitalize member

The re:vitalize Difference

1:1 Coaching

Our empathetic and expert coaches will be with you every step of the way with daily texting, weekly check ins, and member-only support line to ensure you’re making meaningful progress.

Personalize Supplement Protocol

No more wondering which supplements you should be taking — included with every program, your personalized supplement protocol is designed specifically for you with our BioScan™ technology for optimal weight loss support and overall wellness.

Metabolic Age & Body Composition Analysis

See improvements to more than just pounds on the scale — our biometric technology benchmarks, measures, and tracks key internal health metrics to ensure you’re losing weight, getting healthy, and repairing your metabolism.

Expert Guidance and Personal Accountability

Navigate your wellness journey with personalized support from board-certified health coaches and nutritionists at re:vitalize.

BioScan™ Testing

Remove the guesswork with your custom roadmap of which foods and supplements YOUR body needs to lose weight quickly and help restore balance to fix the metabolism for sustained results.

Concierge Member-Only support

Help is just a call, text, or email away with our concierge support of real board-certified health coaches — the same coaches you’re sitting with at your check ins. No call centers or artificial intelligence chat bots.

Private Member-Only Support Forum

While your experience with our staff will always be 1:1, our private member Facebook Community allows you to connect with other members going through the program and those that have successfully completed the program; it’s a highly engaged group of people just like you, eager to encourage each other with helpful recipes, tips, products, and celebration.

Program & Lifestyle Resources

Your program will be broken down into a simple-to-follow step-by-step process to ensure you’re staying on track, seeing amazing results, and feeling fully equipped and empowered to sustain your weight loss and wellness goals forever.

Meal Plans, Recipes, & Cookbook

Complementing your customized food plan is a full library of super simple recipes, shopping guides, and meal plans to ensure your never hunger and that each meal is easy to prepare and delicious to eat.

Weight Loss is Harder than Rocket Science

This article by The Wall Street Journal is great example of why we are here to help you in your weight loss journey.

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