re:vitalize Weight Loss & Wellness Cost

The Last Weight Loss Program You Will Ever Need.

Since each re:vitalize program is customized by our re:vitalize technology and coaching staff, program memberships vary depending on which service or program is right for you.

In general, a la carte services start at under two hundred dollars and program fees range between $80-$200/mo if paying monthly, depending on which program is optimal for you. While we don’t accept insurance, we do accept all HSAs and FSAs, offer $0 down-0% interest financing through Care Credit, and have in-house payment plans that fit most budgets. We also guarantee results for our members.

The first step is to join us for a one-on-one consultation (virtual or in person) where we’ll do a comprehensive biometric Body Composition & Metabolic Age Analysis. There’s no pressure or obligation to enroll — we’ll simply review your biometric data together, discuss which program is best for you, and decide together if you’re a good fit.

This initial consultation is on promo right now for $45 (normally $100).

What's Included

Our comprehensive program provides a range of tools and expert coaching to help you achieve real, sustainable weight loss and improve your overall wellness. We provide you with a holistic approach, offering the support you need to take charge of your health.

Depending on which program is best for you, your program may include:

  • BioScan to determine your nutritional needs
  • Over 80 delicious and easy-to-follow recipes in your meal plan
  • Regular check-ins with our health coaches or nutritionists for progress monitoring
  • Daily accountability through morning text message check-ins
  • Weekly or bi-weekly  1:1 coaching visits with board-certified coach or nutritionist during more structured weight loss and maintenance stages
  • 1x Custom re:vitalize Weight Loss Bioscan™
  • 1x Custom re:vitalize Wellness Bioscan™
  • Personalized phytonutrient supplement protocol for initial weight loss program included with your enrollment
  • Concierge Client-Only Phone Line 
  • Daily A.I. Weight Monitoring
  • re:vitalize Program Journal and Plan
  • Access to ALL Live Coaching Webinars
  • Access to Member Resource Portal
  • Access to Member-Only Support Group
  • Monthly Body Composition Analysis (BCA) Testing
  • Monthly Coaching Sessions for: 
    • Maintenance Support or 
    • DIY Continued Weight Loss Support

Why Choose re:vitalize Weight Loss?

re:vitalize is designed for people who feel like they have tried it all. Our model is designed to address your specific needs, so there is no guesswork in figuring out how to lose weight and keep it off. Our program provides you with incredible value, giving you a wide variety of tools to take control of your weight loss and overall health so that you can be confident in your investment. We aim to empower you with the tools and resources to make this the last weight loss program you’ll ever need.

Lasting Results

Our program ensures you get the most bang for your buck. We don’t just help you lose weight—we give you the tools to keep it off well beyond your participation in our program.


We use state-of-the-art BioScan™ technology to design a personalized weight loss program that addresses your body type, nutritional needs, and metabolic age so you can lose weight faster and gain your life back.

Real Food

Our biometric technology develops a nutritional roadmap that removes the guesswork of losing weight and allows you to eat real, whole foods instead of going hungry on fad diets or bland meal replacements.


We are confident that our weight loss technology and personalized approach will make a significant difference for you. We’ll even GUARANTEE results for candidates selected for our program.

Flexible Payment Plans & Financing

We offer flexible payment plans to help meet your budget and financial needs for our programs, and have stand-alone services that start as low as $199. Through our in-house and third-party member financing options, we have accessible payment plans to fit most budgets. If paying monthly, payments range between $80 and $200 a month. During your consultation, we will discuss your specific needs from the program and determine payment options from there.

Other Payment Options

We offer a variety of payment options to help you get the support you need. Because re:vitalize allows you to take charge of your health, you can treat it like a health expense. In addition to financing, we accept all medical reimbursement accounts, like Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flex Spending Accounts (FSA). 

Upon request, we’ll provide you with a Letter of Medical Necessity to allow you to access/reimburse yourself from your HSA or FSA. We also accept CareCredit. 

Contact us today to learn more about our program pricing and payment options. Schedule a consultation with us so we can find out which program (and pricing) option best suits you and your health goals.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Unlike other weight loss programs that bank on you regaining the weight and coming back, our program is tailored to your specific needs and provides you with a wide range of tools for long-term weight loss success. During regular check-ins, we will monitor your progress and ensure you are on the right track to maximize your results and make sure you’re getting the most value out of your investment in your program.

One member, Laurie, even did the math — she said, “Beyond the health benefits, we saw a huge reduction in our food costs. Eating at home actually saved us enough money (even buying the highest quality organic proteins, fruits, and vegetables) to break even on the program costs for both me and my husband.”

It’s likely if you’re this deep into our website, you’ve either been unsuccessful at your DIY attempts, or have experienced the frustration of regaining the weight after doing it yourself. You may very well be able to lose weight on your own, but weight loss has many obstacles — most notably, the metabolism. What traditional diets fail to address is the underlying factors that are causing weight gain (or regain) to begin with We can help you overcome those factors , from helping you boost your metabolic health to holding you accountable. With our BioScan™ technology, we give you data-driven feedback based on your health and make informed decisions to maximize your success. We give you the support and tools you can’t always access on your own. We’re not just helping you lose significant weight, we’re also measuring and tracking your metabolic improvement and empowering you internally and externally to keep it off.

No. During your initial consultation, there is no pressure or obligation to enroll. Our goal during your consultation is to determine whether the program is right for you. We encourage you to schedule an initial consultation without having to commit so you can see what we’re all about and make a thoughtful and informed decision.

There is no substitute either for how much you will learn during the consultation. Especially those coming in-person to get the body composition and metabolic age analysis.

Yes! We offer corporate employee discounts to help organizations boost morale and support a healthy workplace. Contact us if you’re an HR professional or an organization looking to revitalize your workplace.

re:vitalize Weight Loss vs. a Standalone Nutritionist

A nutritionist can be a good investment for some, but there are limitations compared to the re:vitalize Weight Loss Program. A nutritionist usually costs around $200 for an initial consultation and then around $125 for each follow-up appointment. Re:vitalize actually has nutritionists on staff and we rank as one of top nutritionists in Phoenix.

Aside from the per appointment pricing model making it cost prohibitive for most folks to get the accountability and support they need, most nutritionists do not have the suite of technology that our nutrition staff uses to make data-informed decisions.

If you see a nutritionist bi-weekly, that’s already between $200-300 a month. Not to mention, a nutritionist won’t be able to provide you with the same unique guidance, progress monitoring, and daily accountability as our program.

With re:vitalize, you get support from our nutritionists and health coaches, weekly check-ins, and progress monitoring with the latest technology. We even provide you with a meal plan and recipes tailored especially to you, giving you more value for less money.

re:vitalize Weight Loss vs. a Personal Trainer

As helpful as a personal trainer can be, their services stop at the gym. A personal trainer, on average, costs about $50 per hour-long session. Seeing a trainer twice a week adds up to $400 a month. For that price, you receive support in crafting an exercise routine and following proper technique. However, exercise isn’t the only tool for weight loss.

One member of ours — Chris T., who lost over 30 lbs on our 40-Day Program — told us: “It took me a whole year with a trainer to do what I was able to do with re:vitalize in just over a month.”

We’ve all heard the sayings or seen the memes — Abs are made in the kitchen, no the gym. Or You can’t outrun your fork. Nutrition is the true driver of lasting weight loss, not doing more crunches. While we encourage all our members to move their body purposefully, our scope is on food, nutrition, and lasting habit and lifestyle changes. At re:vitalize, we offer many tools to provide you with sustained weight loss. For a lower monthly cost, we help you take a more holistic approach to weight loss. We provide you with a meal, provide consistent accountability, and help you develop a healthier relationship with food. This way, you can continue your progress when the program is over, not just when you’re in the gym.

re:vitalize Weight Loss vs. Medical Weight Loss

Medical weight loss sounds like an easy answer, but it is less promising. Medical weight loss relies on surgery or medications like HCG or using semaglutides (under the brandnames like: Ozempic, Wegovy, Revolex, or Mounjaro) to help you lose weight. However, surgeries can cost thousands of dollars, while the costs of these medications and doctor visits can average over $600 per month or more. 

Even with such a high cost, with medical weight loss results are often not that significant, happen rather slowly, and often come with serious short term and long term side effects. Whatsmore weight loss medication and surgery does not offer the same support and attention as our weight loss program, and patients often struggle to maintain weight loss with the difficult diet regimens they are placed on.

re:vitalize is designed to be sustainable, crafting an enjoyable meal plan that you can follow beyond the program. For a lower monthly price than medical weight loss, we also provide you with more support through regular check-ins and much less discomfort with non-invasive procedures.