Virtual Weight Loss Program

re:vitalize weight loss and wellness offers virtual programs unlike any other. Our program is precisely tailored to promote your holistic health and provide unparalleled support in overcoming your obstacles to weight loss. This is not some faceless app or chatbot solution, but your very own nutrition team you meet with on a consistent cadence to achieve your weight loss goals efficiently and sustainably. Even if you’re currently taking medication like semaglutide or other GLP-1 drugs as part of your weight loss journey, re:vitalize’s empathetic 1:1 coaching, customized eating plans, and holistic program is the perfect partner to ensure lasting, long-term results and to empower you to take charge of your weight loss for sustained results.

Benefits of Choosing re:vitalize Weight Loss and Wellness for Your Journey

re:vitalize weight loss and wellness offers virtual programs unlike any other. Our program is precisely tailored to promote your holistic health and provide unparalleled support in overcoming your obstacles to weight loss. This is not some faceless app or chatbot solution, but your very own nutrition team you meet with on a consistent cadence to achieve your weight loss goals efficiently and sustainably. Based on your unique nutritional needs, our coaches and board-certified nutritionists develop a nutrition plan and empower you to take charge of your weight loss for sustained results.

When you choose re:vitalize weight loss and wellness, you can expect all of the following benefits:

  • Experienced and empathetic coaches
  • Convenient virtual consultations and check-ins
  • At-home smart scale to measure your body composition and metabolic age
  • A breakdown of your unique nutritional needs based on our BioScan™ technology or our robust, nutritionist-evaluated questionnaire. 
  • Personalized meal plans designed for your needs and preferences
  • Recipes for energizing, delicious foods
  • Consistent support and motivation
  • Daily accountability through morning text message check-ins
  • A supportive community of other engaged members 
  • Proven, and guaranteed results

With our virtual programs, you can experience the same benefits and proven potential as our in-person members, all from the comfort of your home. We are passionate about your success and are here to support you throughout the journey to ensure you see the progress you envisioned.

Expert Weight Loss Coaches

The expertise and compassion of our weight loss coaches are an integral part of what sets re:vitalize apart from other programs. Our team is entirely dedicated to helping our members achieve their weight loss goals. We genuinely care about your success and are true partners throughout the process. re:vitalize offers far more than coaching — it’s a complete transformation to ensure you’re making meaningful progress and are fully empowered for sustainable results.

Not only are our coaches dedicated, but we also have the experience to make that dedication meaningful. Our coaches have years of experience supporting individuals along their weight loss journeys—we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. In fact, all of our board-certified coaches have been through the re:vitalize program themselves. 

We bring that experience to the table with every member, developing personalized plans with guaranteed results. Our coaches consider everything from your health status to your current lifestyle to create a truly personalized approach.

The Virtual Consultation Process

To set up a virtual consultation, the process is as simple as booking a time on our calendar that works for you. From there, we’ll make the process smooth and straightforward, getting you started on your path to holistic health.

The process looks like this:


Book a virtual consultation at a date and time on our calendar that aligns with your schedule.


Then, we’ll reach out to you with the information for joining our user-friendly virtual software, making for an easy meeting space.


During the consultation, we’ll discuss your weight loss goals, overall health goals, health history, and more. We’ll outline how our programs work and which personalized program may be the best fit. We’ll then decide together if re:vitalize is a good fit. 

If we decide together that you’re a good fit for our virtual program, we’ll send you our two biocommunication devices to your home — our smart Body Composition Analysis scale, which shows us your biometric data like metabolic and other body composition biodata, and our BioScan™ hand cradle to assess which foods and micronutrients are best for you. 

We’ll use this information to create a personalized weight loss program with whole foods, phytonutrients, and minerals that address your specific nutritional needs and start your weight loss coaching journey with our team.

Why re:vitalize Will Work For You​

Understanding Your Weight Loss Goals

Weight loss starts with understanding your goals and the changes you want to make. We’ll help you work with your current situation and turn your vision into tangible, attainable goals.

Goal Setting and Realistic Expectations

Goal setting is crucial for any successful journey, but it’s also important that your goals are realistic and attainable. We’ll work with you to determine goals that you can both reach and feel accomplished about when you do.

Scale icon

Assessing Your Current Health Status and Lifestyle Habits

Goals are only as successful as they are possible, so any goal you make must consider your starting point. We’ll discuss your current health, medical history, and lifestyle habits to help you develop realistic, attainable goals based on your desired improvements.

Identifying Barriers to Weight Loss and Developing Strategies

The reality is that weight loss is tough, as factors like your lifestyle and metabolic health can affect your ability to lose weight. During your consultation, we will discuss the reasons you’re struggling to lose weight and develop a plan to help you overcome them. We’ll show you how we’ve helped other members overcome similar barriers to achieve transformative results.

Tailored Meal Plans and Nutrition Guidance

The key to sustainable weight loss is creating a plan you can stick to. Our meal plans are personalized and designed to be easy to follow so that you see success in our program and beyond.

Customized Meal Plans To Fit Your Dietary Preferences

Our plan includes over 80 different delicious recipes tailored to your individual dietary needs and preferences to help you find foods that you love and are happy to include in your diet. As a result, healthy eating is enjoyable and sustainable, helping you maintain weight loss success.

Balanced Nutrition

Your BioScan™ food lists will ensure that your body gets all the essential nutrients you need to support your body’s essential functions and weight loss journey. Each of your meals will include a strong balance of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals that your BioScan™ identifies as being best for you for weight loss and optimal wellness.

Tracking Progress and Accountability

Your initial game plan matters, but it’s even more important to make sure that plan works throughout the duration of the program. As your body and habits change, that plan is sure to change, too, so tracking your progress and making adjustments along the way is essential. Our team of coaches is always available between your virtual visits to support you and ensure you’re feeling amazing on your journey.

We provide personal one-on-one support throughout the program, offering daily texting and weekly to bi-weekly virtual check-ins to track your progress and keep you on pace to reach your goals. As we monitor your progress, our weight loss coaches will make any adjustments to your plan to help you overcome any roadblocks and achieve the incredible results you expect. Our team of coaches is always available between your virtual visits via your very own member-only concierge support line which you can call or text to ensure you’re feeling amazing on your journey.

Success Stories

Our virtual program is an excellent option for individuals ready for a solution to their weight loss frustrations—our program continues to bring new success stories every day, whether you are on a tight schedule or located outside of Phoenix.

Pricing and Package Options

Our virtual programs feature the same support and resources as our in-person programs, ensuring you don’t miss any of the value or the benefits. Still, program memberships vary based on which services or program is right for you.

In general, our program fees range between $80-$200 a month when paying monthly. We encourage you to schedule a consultation and see all that you stand to gain from our program before you commit.

Everyone is different, and each member has different needs for their weight loss journey. During your consultation, we’ll discuss which services are best for you and your goals.  

We are committed to ensuring clear and transparent pricing upfront and will make sure you understand why we are offering each service. We won’t recommend anything that isn’t necessary for meeting your goals, and we will only suggest services that meet your specific health needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your weight loss coaches help track your progress through consistent weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly check-ins, depending on which stage of your program you’re on. Additionally, you are texting your weight to our team EVERY DAY for us to monitor and ensure you’re making meaningful and consistent progress. 


We also give you the tools for monitoring your metrics with your very own at-home smart Body Composition Analysis scale, which you can use daily to see your internal biodata, like body fat %, hydration levels, and metabolic age. We use these results to determine whether your program needs any additional adjustments while holding you accountable in an empathetic and supportive way so you can track your own progress too.

Yes! Our programs are specifically designed to adapt to your specific needs and preferences. Even one of our own weight loss coaches has followed our program as a vegan, and one of our nutritionists is a long-time vegetarian. Our BioScan™ technology customizes fully based on these factors.

Whether you follow a plant-based diet or have specific allergies, our program can be easily tailored to your unique needs. As long as you have a willingness to eat delicious fruits, vegetables, and whole foods, you’re all set.

The length of our virtual programs is about the same as our in-person programs. Our program lengths vary based on your specific goals and the amount of time we feel is needed to achieve those goals, which we’ll discuss with you during the initial consultation. 

Contact Us Today To Get Started

A healthier, happier you is not far away. Our virtual program will provide you with all the tools and resources you need to fuel your body and achieve sustainable weight loss. If you feel like you’ve exhausted all your options, then re:vitalize is the perfect fit for you, offering an individualized plan designed to bring you sustained success.

The path to inspiring results starts with booking a virtual consultation. From there, we’ll determine your personalized goals and stay by your side on your journey, providing consistent support and accountability while getting you real, long-lasting results.

Contact us today to book a virtual consultation and experience your true potential.