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Meet Your Nutrition Team

Our team of empathetic, board-certified coaches and nutritionists is an essential part of your success. At each stage of your journey you’ll be meeting 1:1 with a member of our highly qualified team.

We’re experts in the field and use not only their credentials, but their vast experience walking alongside thousands of other re:vitalize members over the years to give you a personalized, science-based approach to weight loss.

Together, we are committed to proven methods that provide real, tangible, and sustainable results.

Why you should care about your team

Our nutritionists and weight loss coaches have supported thousands of members in our program, and many have even gone through the re:vitalize program themselves—so they get it. Each one of our team members and their expertise tells a story about who we are as a team, and you know you can rely on us to support you with all of the following:

  • Empathetic
  • Expert Advice
  • Accountability
  • Coaching & Problem Solving

Meet Our Nutritionists

Our nutritionists combine their expertise with compassion and empathy, helping each of our members address the root causes of their weight loss struggles so they can realize sustained success and enhanced health and wellness once and for all.

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After all the years that I played in the MLB, I’m no stranger to great coaching—and the nutrition team at re:vitalize is among the best when it comes to nutrition and weight loss.

- MIGUEL MONTERO, two-time MLB All-Star, World Series champion

Learn More About Our Coaching Philosophy

Empowering You At Every Step

High achievers and the best athletes in the world know the value of having a great team of coaches to helping you reach your goals. Yet so often with weight loss and nutrition we feel like we should be able to “figure it out on our own.” You can have the perfect plan, the perfect supplement protocol, but without coaching and accountability, too often you fail. African proverb: “If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together”. With re:vitalize we’ll help you go fast and far. Let’s make this the last weight loss program you’ll ever need.

  • Empathetic: Beyond our credentials, each teammate has been through our programs (and many of our family members too!)
  • Expert: Each teammate is a board-certified health coach or nutritionist
  • Long Term Support: We don’t just kick you to the curb once you’ve lost your weight. We walk alongside each member for 6-12 months or more to ensure you’re reaching your goals and staying there for the long term!
  • Problem Solving: Each body is unique and each person’s weight loss journey presents different challenges and plateaus. We are with you every step of the way to move through plateaus quickly and adjust your programming in real time to keep you seeing results and feeling amazing.
  • 1:1 Coaching: Meet with your coach weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly based on your schedule and progress.
  • Daily Accountability: Call, text, or email us anytime. You have access to our member-only support line, daily texting weight text monitoring, and member-only support forum so you’re never without expert advice and support.

Being on the road with a professional basketball team can make it challenging to keep unwanted weight off and difficult to decide on the ‘right’ foods to eat! Dr. Noel Abood, Dan LeMoine, and their team helped show me how to get the results I wanted in a short period of time and how to continue long after reaching my goals and to this very day.

— AARON NELSON, VP of Player Care and Performance, New Orleans Pelicans

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Between our tech-enabled approach, our team of board-certified nutritionists, and our expert weight loss coaches, our unique program gives you all the tools you need to overcome your obstacles to weight loss and see sustainable results. Our experienced nutritionists and coaches are here to support you from start to finish. We’re so confident in our methods that we guarantee success.

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