Our Nutritionists

Our team of empathetic, board-certified coaches and nutritionists is an essential part of your success. At each stage of your journey you’ll be meeting 1:1 with a member of our highly qualified team. Our team has extensive expertise in the field and uses not only their credentials, but their vast experience walking alongside thousands of other re:vitalize members over the years to give you a personalized, science-based approach to weight loss. Together, we are committed to proven methods that provide real, tangible, and sustainable results. From current and former professional athletes, to busy executives, to stay-at-home parents, our team partners with re:vitalize members from all walks of life to help guide them to life-changing results. In addition to being invited to partner with the Phoenix Suns as a proud nutrition partner in 2019, our team has won the MindBody Visionary Award and Top Nutritionist in Arizona.

Meet Our Nutritionists

Our nutritionists combine their expertise with compassion and empathy, helping each of our members address the root causes of their weight loss struggles so they can realize sustained success and enhanced health and wellness once and for all.

Meet Alex Sells, a Member Success Manager and certified health coach at re:vitalize since 2021. As a coach, Alex finds satisfaction in watching people enhance their quality of life and break free from the chains of weight, lifestyle, and health restrictions so they can dive into the things they love- “that is what it is all about for me. It’s not just about getting healthier; it’s about living a life you deserve.” With a devotion to nutrition, Alex empowers re:vitalize members to have a successful weight loss journey and achieve their health and wellness goals. 

- Alex Sell

Meet Ashley Summers, a dedicated nutritionist from Utah, who brings her expertise to the role of a health coach at re:vitalize since 2021. Ashley guides individuals on their transformative wellness journey while meeting any challenges along the way. Ashley illustrates this best by “Empowering members to know for themselves they can achieve something that once upon a time they thought might have been impossible,” driving her passion for coaching at re:vitalize. Her commitment to nutrition comes from the principle of “taking care of our bodies so that, in return, our bodies take care of us.” 

- Ashley Summers

With over a year as a lead coach with re:vitalize, Ciara Mahar brings an appreciation of wellness to the organization. Ciara’s connection to wholesome eating began over a decade ago when she began her own health journey by adopting a plant-based diet. Her commitment is to helping individuals embrace a healthy lifestyle shift as she experienced, empowering those seeking a meaningful change. “Joining re:vitalize is such a great step in the right direction, and I am here as a supporting guide through every phase.” For Ciara, her thrill is to witness improved health markers by using the latest technology at re:vitalize, increased confidence, and even freedom from certain medications. 

- Ciara Mahar

Leigh Caliendo is an enthusiastic nutritionist based in Tempe, Arizona, who joined the re:vitalize team in February 2021 as a lead coach at the Uptown office. Leigh’s passion for nutrition stems from her athletic roots and becoming a mother to her children. “My highlight as a coach is to see members realize they are in the driver’s seat and in control of their own healthy journey.” Leigh describes this as “a transformative moment”. Witnessing this ripple effect as individuals become health leaders within their own families and communities, is inspiring. 

- Leigh Calienda

Cody joined our team in January 2023 as a committed certified coach. With roots in Texas and Arizona, his role involves offering vital guidance, education, and support to program members. “Nutrition means so much personally because it guarantees positive results.” What Cody enjoys most about his role is observing the dedication of the members that drive success. He also delights in clients embracing change, navigating discomfort, and realizing their progress stems from their commitment to a better quality of life. 

- Cody Coombs

Originally from Billings, Montana, Lillie is a passionate nutritionist who joined re:vitalize in November 2021 as a health coach. Her nutrition philosophy is the ability to enhance the vibrancy of life and empower individuals to pursue their ambitions with renewed energy. “Nutrition serves as a purpose and a valuable tool for people to achieve the success and joy in life that everyone desires.” Lillie’s role as a health coach is deeply rewarding when witnessing members enjoy activities with their loved ones, remove medications, and fit into long-lost clothes, culminating in a restored quality of life. In addition, Lillie is a strong advocate for well-being who is a professional expert in guiding individuals toward a more fulfilling and vibrant life. 

- Lillie Elkin

Stefanie Medley is an experienced lead coach originating from Chicago, IL who has a dedicated drive for weight loss. Her healthy eating springs from her own remarkable weight loss journey, where she lost 80 pounds through dietary adjustments, driving her commitment to guide others. Stefanie understands the significance of overcoming weight challenges, drawing from her personal experience. Through her empathy and expertise, Stephanie paves the way for members to have the right tools to be successful and someone you can be accountable to. 

- Stefanie Medley

Why re:vitalize Will Work For You​

Our Team Approach

There are many nutritionists out there, but few offer the support and guidance that we do in our program. We are passionate about your success and take every step we can to support you with a personalized approach to long-term, sustainable weight loss.

Personalized Nutrition Plans

Our program starts with a BioScan™ that provides detailed insight into your biometric data and unique nutritional needs. We use your BioScan™ data and the information we gather from our discussion about your goals and health history to create a personalized nutrition plan.

Our plans are centered around sustainability—they incorporate dozens of recipes that are full of delicious, whole foods tailored to your dietary preferences, so you’ll stay loving the foods you eat. This model provides an easy-to-follow meal plan without harsh restrictions, so you never feel tired, hungry, or lethargic and can maintain progress past the program.

Ongoing Support and Monitoring

Throughout the process, we offer consistent support and monitoring through daily text message check-ins and weekly, biweekly, or monthly in-person or virtual check-ins, depending on the program you’re enrolled in. 

During these check-ins, we’ll discuss how you are feeling about the program, monitor your progress toward your goals, and assess your current biometrics. Along the way, we’ll make personalized adjustments as needed so you stay on track to success and stay feeling amazing throughout your journey.

Member Success Stories

Our health coaches and nutritionists are dedicated to driving weight loss success for our members, and it’s this dedication that has brought countless success stories.

How It Works

How to Get Started

At re:vitalize, we provide you with the tools and resources you need to take charge of your health and then empower you to succeed. Getting started with re:vitalize is simple:


Schedule a Consultation

Schedule either an in-person or virtual consultation with us, and we’ll take the time to discuss your weight loss goals, understand your health history, and determine if our program is right for you. For our in-person consultations, we’ll also perform a biometric Body Composition & Metabolic Age Analysis to review your biometric data.


Receive a BioScan™

Our BioScan™ technology allows our nutritionists to understand your unique nutritional needs. We’ll either perform the BioScan™ in our office or send the technology to you if you’re participating in our virtual program. This BioScan™ will provide a profile of the nutrients — both foods and supplements — that you may be missing out on and provide a guide for your weight loss strategy.


Receive Personalized Nutrition Guidance

Using the data from your BioScan™, we provide you with a personalized food list, highlighting foods and nutrients that are optimal for your weight loss, metabolic health, and overall nutrition. We also give you access to 80+ enjoyable recipes and meal plans in your member portal, empowering you to use your BioScan™ food list to make easy and delicious meals you will love while on the program.


Begin the Path To Success

Equipped with a personalized nutrition plan and the support of our expert weight loss coaches, you’ll be on the path to sustained weight loss results. We’ll be here throughout the process to gather your feedback and make any necessary adjustments to the plan so you see results.

Get Started with re:vitalize Today

Between our tech-enabled approach, our team of board-certified nutritionists, and our expert weight loss coaches, our unique program gives you all the tools you need to overcome your obstacles to weight loss and see sustainable results. Our experienced nutritionists and coaches are here to support you from start to finish. We’re so confident in our methods that we guarantee success.

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