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Weight Loss Program for Menopause

Menopause is a natural process, but can pose a challenge for women trying to lose weight. It can be a difficult adjustment for anyone, but that doesn’t mean you have no control and aren’t able to lose weight. Sustainable weight loss for women facing menopause takes a personalized approach that accounts for your personalized needs–our customized programs at re:vitalize offer just that.

Why Choose re:vitalize Weight Loss for Your Menopausal Weight Loss Program?

Tailored Menopause Support: Navigate menopause with our empathetic coaches, offering a personalized approach for effective weight loss and metabolic repair.

Comprehensive Customized Programs: Achieve desired weight loss through holistic, customized plans, incorporating whole foods and supplements to address underlying causes.

BioScan™ Technology Insights: Utilize our advanced BioScan™ technology to identify over 2000 biomarkers, creating a personalized roadmap for optimal nutrition during menopause.

Lasting Results and Empowerment: Our holistic approach ensures lasting results, empowering you to sustain habits and lifestyle changes beyond the program, conquering menopausal weight challenges.

Thank you Revitalize! Without your partnership I would not have experienced and achieved the success I have had. If I may brag, I lost 55 lbs with the help of your incredible caring team of coaches. I started my journey, in October of 2022. In that time I was able to get off my high blood pressure medication and reduced my blood sugar levels below pre-diabetic levels. The best part I have been able to keep the weight off…and this only scratches the surface.

— DR. TOM FIEL, former team physician for the Phoenix Suns and Milwaukee Brewers

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Embark on your transformative journey with re:vitalize Weight Loss—discover a personalized approach to wellness and achieve your health goals effortlessly. To get a more robust picture of what your unique program would look like, please schedule a no-obligation consultation.

Why is it hard to lose weight in menopause?

In short, menopause is another biochemistry altering event in women that shifts their internal biochemistry and changes how their bodies can hold onto weight. Menopause is often a function of age, but can also be triggered by hysterectomy or ovary removal.

But there is hope. re:vitalize’s technology and approach takes into account your body’s unique needs in order to lose weight, lower your metabolic age, and get back to feeling like yourself again. Help your body rebalance naturally and see sustained results today.

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Few weight loss programs take the holistic approach that we do at re:vitalize. A healthy weight loss system needs to be comprehensive and personalized. From providing you with realistic meal plans to checking in with you along the journey, we give you all the tools for sustained success.

We serve as a true partner for you throughout the entire process, helping you not only lose weight but feel great too. Take your first step toward a healthier lifestyle. 

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Remove the guesswork! Identify what your body needs to rebalance and lose weight in a natural way with top-of-the-line biometric technology and a personalized approach to your weight loss.

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