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We are so confident in our approach that we even GUARANTEE you’ll see significant results. Our nutritionists provide long-term support and accountability to keep you motivated. So why wait? Schedule your in-person or virtual weight loss consultation with one of our wellness experts at re:vitalize Weight Loss today!

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Every client at re:vitalize needs a different approach to weight loss due to different life stressors, biochemistry, and metabolism. Our weight loss program works because we take the guesswork out of dieting by using the latest bioscan and biocommunication technology.

“This approach is a “must do” if you care about your health and want to change your life! I am a former pro athlete that struggled with weight issues, up and down! Dan and Doc and the staff at re:vitalize showed me how to lose the weight once and for all, 41lbs in 40 days and kept it off.”

Tim Kempton

“It works…[For me] it was more about some of the body chemistry…The surprise was how much weight loss I lost in the first week. In just the first week I lost 10lbs. What you learn is how you can still feel full and feel good; still get good food and the stuff you like and not go crazy.”

Mark West

“I used to eat like a 14-year-old kid whose parents were out of town, so needless to say, I got heavy. I had doubts about whether or not I had the ability or discipline to lose weight, but the methods of Dr. Abood and his staff at re:vitalize weight loss alleviated those doubts quickly — and changed my life in the process!”

Vince Marotta

“Two years ago, I was not in a good place, I didn’t like how I looked, I had no energy and my clothes weren’t fitting how I wanted them to. A couple of my colleagues recommended re:vitalize weight loss and I am so glad they did! I followed their plan to a T, which they custom created for my body, and my lagging metabolism. A few weeks later, 26 pounds gone!”

Sarah Kezele

This program will do for you what Dr. Abood and Dan have done for so many of my patients who have been wrestling with diabetes, high blood pressure, and other obesity-related diseases: take your nutrition and health to the next level. They will show you how to not only get back to your healthiest weight and self but enjoy food while doing it. I have unbelievable trust and faith in them both—and so should you.

— DR. TOM FIEL, former team physician for the Phoenix Suns and Milwaukee Brewers

Our Approach To Holistic Weight Loss

Personalized Assessment And Consultation

Through an in-person or virtual consultation, we’ll discuss your specific goals and challenges to determine which program is best for you and complete a full Body Composition & Metabolic Age Analysis with our biometric technology.

Incorporation Of Natural And Organic Ingredients

You don’t have to worry about counting calories, taking (or injecting) questionable medications, or eating bland diet bars. Your re:vitalize plan focuses on equipping you with a meal plan of healthy, whole foods so you feel energetic and NOT hungry.

Development Of A Customized Nutrition Plan

Our advanced biometric BioScan™ technology allows us (and you) to better understand your unique body composition, metabolism, and nutritional needs so we can develop a targeted nutrition plan and supplementation protocol to lose weight and rebalance your body.

Emphasis On Metabolic Age Improvement

Many programs can help people lose weight, but few focus on healthy weight management. Beyond weight loss, we measure other key biomarkers indicating metabolic improvement so you can keep the weight off.

Integration Of Lifestyle, Habit, And Mindfulness Practices

Your physical health starts with your mental health. During check-ins with our board-certified health coaches, we’ll also focus on more than just your weight loss, to ensure you’re losing weight, sleeping better, have amazing energy, and feeling great.

Sustainable Lifestyle Changes For Long-Term Success

Our nutrition staff provide consistent support and resources beyond your weight loss so you can enjoy your results long-term.

3D bodyscan technology

Empowerment & Sustained Results

Customized Holistic Nutrition Plans

Our Body Composition Scans & Metabolic Age Analysis service provides a comprehensive assessment of your body’s composition and metabolic age. Metabolic age gives you valuable insight into your metabolic health and guides you in your journey toward improved weight loss and management, and overall health and wellness.

World Class Supplements

Discover the power of metabolic repair to optimize your body’s ability to burn fat and achieve lasting weight loss results. Our team of expert board-certified health coaches will guide you through a specialized metabolic repair process tailored to fit your unique needs.

1:1 Expert & Empathetic Coaching

Food is fuel, and when it comes to weight loss, giving your body the right fuel is key. At re:vitalize Weight Loss, we are changing the narrative behind weight loss, offering personalized nutrition plans guided by our BioScan™ technology and further customized by our board-certified nutrition experts that allow you to eat beautiful, life-giving foods that are best for YOUR body (not someone else’s!).

middle age woman smiling

Results-Based Money Back Guarantee

We’re so confident in our staff, technology, and that you’ll succeed with re:vitalize that lose at least 20 lbs minimum on our Weight Loss & Metabolic Reset, you’ll get a refund*.

*Conditions apply.

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Few weight loss programs take the holistic approach that we do at re:vitalize. A healthy weight loss system needs to be comprehensive and personalized. From providing you with realistic meal plans to checking in with you along the journey, we give you all the tools for sustained success.

We serve as a true partner for you throughout the entire process, helping you not only lose weight but feel great too. Take your first step toward a healthier lifestyle. 

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Remove the guesswork! Identify what your body needs to rebalance and lose weight in a natural way with top-of-the-line biometric technology and a personalized approach to your weight loss.

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