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Age Analysis

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Our Body Composition Scans & Metabolic Age Analysis service provides a comprehensive assessment of your body’s composition and metabolic age. Metabolic age gives you valuable insight into your metabolic health and guides you in your journey toward improved weight loss and management, and overall health and wellness.

Metabolic Age Analysis

Your metabolism is the system responsible for burning calories and converting them into energy for your body to function optimally. Everyone’s metabolism functions at a different rate depending on a variety of lifestyle factors. Aging and chronic physical or mental stress — things like divorce, job stress, injury or illness, menopause or birth of a child — can all effect your body’s biochemistry and slow your metabolism. Many members are shocked to see how “old” they are metabolically when attending their initial consultation. 

A metabolic age analysis  is a vital factor when looking at your overall health, as your metabolism is linked to your energy levels, weight, weight maintenance after you’ve lost weight, and more. Benchmarking and tracking your metabolic age is a key part of continuing to customize and refine your customized  weight loss and nutrition program that helps you meet your overall health goals and maximize your results.

The starting point for us to identify the nutritional gaps that may effectuate metabolic improvement starts with your Weight Loss BioScan™. Your bioscan will indicate how many biomarkers may be out of range, and which micronutrients and whole foods high the highest biological coherence with your body for weight loss and metabolic repair. Your BioScan is not diagnostic in nature, but is a powerful decision-making tool and provides a starting point to building your custom nutrition plan.

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Body Composition
Scan Benefits

Body Fat Percentage

Body fat percentage identifies how much of your body consists of fat compared to your lean muscle mass. This percentage helps evaluate your overall health and gives context for what a healthy weight means for you. Rather than rely solely on the oversimplified and outdated Body Mass Index (BMI) rating, we take a comprehensive look at your weight and consider the nuanced factors like bone density, lean muscle mass, body fat, hydration, and much more.

Lean Muscle Mass

Lean muscle mass is your total weight minus the weight of your body fat. Your lean muscle mass is an indicator of your strength and overall health.

Bone Density

Bone density indicates the mineral build-up of your bones and helps determine the strength of your bones. Bone density assesses your bone health and can help you identify any possible bone-related conditions or nutritional deficiencies you may have.

Visceral Fat Level

Visceral fat is the fat hidden deeper inside your body, surrounding your vital organs, like your heart, liver, kidneys, and pancreas. Too much visceral fat  poses negative health risks. Cardiologist suggest that too much visceral fat (a rating of 12 or higher) puts you at high risk of things like heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and erectile dysfunction (in males). Your visceral fat level provides a metric for how much visceral fat is stored in your body.

Basal Metabolic Rate

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is the rate at which your body burns calories for energy to power vital functions. BMR plays an important part in how your body stores fat and how many calories you should eat each day. While there’s no calorie restriction on your re:vitalize program, we will use your BMR, in conjunction with several other ratings on your Body Composition Analysis, to help us calculate your maintenance calorie need for when you’re into the maintenance stage of the program.

Metabolic Age

Your  body composition analysis scan will also algorithmically calculate, based on your other body composition biomarkers, your unique  metabolic age. Your metabolic age indicates how efficiently your body burns calories and creates energy relative to your actual age and others in your age group. While other programs talk about the metabolism, only re:vitalize’s technology allows us to benchmark, measure, and actually track your Metabolic Age improvement over time to ensure you’re not just losing weight, but improving your metabolism.

Body Composition Analysis Scans

A total body composition scan performs a comprehensive biometric assessment and measurement of your body’s makeup using non-invasive bioelectrical impedance technology. With a simple, barefooted stand on the bioelectrical impedance device. By gathering these points of biodata, the body composition analysis will provide you with a wide range of internal body composition information to help you understand your holistic health and offer a guide on how you can better address  your health and wellness. A body composition scan can provide information on all the biomarkers and factors below.

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Our metabolic repair programs deliver real results to real people. Join our thousands of satisfied members in attaining a healthier metabolism and achieving sustainable weight loss.

How It Works

Our Process


Our Body Composition Scan & Metabolic Age Analysis Service

We use state-of-the-art technology to perform a body analysis scan and determine your metabolic age. If you are interested in seeing how a Body Composition Scan can build a personalized program that delivers results, contact us and schedule a consultation.


Initial Consultation and Preparation

Get started with an in-person or virtual consultation with one of our specialists. During the initial consultation, we will discuss your current weight loss goals and challenges to determine the best program for you. For those joining us for an in-person consultation you will get a full panel of biometric data from your Body Composition & Metabolic Age Analysis at that visit.


Conducting the BioScan™

Our advanced BioScan™ technology provides a non-invasive way to measure over 2800 different biomarkers, giving us a roadmap to which foods and micronutrient supplements are optimal for your weight loss and metabolic health.


Analysis and Interpretation of Results

Our board-certified nutrition and coaching staff will use the results of your Body Composition Analysis and BioScan to outline your specific weight loss program. 


Reviewing Findings and Discussion with Our Experts

Each week your visit will include an updated body composition analysis to recalculate your body fat percentage, lean muscle mass, bone density, metabolic age and other key weight loss and metabolic health health indicators. Our expert staff will continue to refine and personalize your weight loss program week to week as we gather the quantitative body composition metrics as well as the qualitative factors like energy levels and sleep. Our health experts take these inputs to identify areas of improvement to determine how you can continue successfully on the program, seeing both results and rebalancing your metabolism.


Customized Recommendations for Improvement

Using all the information we gather from your total body composition scan, we make tangible, personalized recommendations to continue losing weight and improving  your metabolic age. Weekly we’ll determine the best approaches and modifications  for you and help you refine  your  nutrition plan to maximize results in a way that  fits your lifestyle.

Lower Your Metabolic Age With re:vitalize

Your metabolic age is a valuable metric for determining your overall health and wellness. By helping you understand your metabolic age, re:vitalize can develop a program that promotes long-term weight loss, enhanced energy, and holistic health.

We build a comprehensive plan tailored to you, based on our body composition technology, BioScan technology, and expert coaching. We provide nutrition strategies for positive change. We’ll support you through the entire process, providing accountability while helping you track progress and adjust goals to maximize your long-term empowerment and success.

Get started in building an action plan to achieve optimal health. Contact us today to learn more about our Body Composition Scans & Metabolic Age Analysis process.

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