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Our team is passionate about transforming lives through personalized health strategies. With board-certified credentials and firsthand experience, our expert staff support each member’s weight loss journey, having completed the life-changing re:vitalize program. Connect with our nutritionists at re:vitalize Weight Loss & Wellness to start today.

Our Core Values

Our team culture helps us bring our vision alive. Our values, alongside our mission and vision, establish our “rules of engagement” for relationships with each other and our members, foster trust, safety, and engagement, and ensure we see and support each member to life-changing results.

  • Boldness For Good
  • Eager Professionalism
  • Personal Connection
  • Empathy & Authority
  • Radical Adaptability
  • Healthy & Active Teammate
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Our Purpose

re:vitalize is a healing presence in the world which truly sees people, to reshape lives.


Alongside co-founders Dr. Noel Abood and Dan LeMoine, the re:vitalize team consists of board-certified holistic and clinical nutritionists and weight loss coaches. re:vitalize Weight Loss & Wellness is family-owned and our staff aim to care for each member the same way we’d care for and coach our closest family members.

dr. noel abood

Dr. Noel Abood

I know firsthand the devastating effects of being overweight. I suffered a heart attack on the tennis court at the age of 49. This life-altering event led me to dive even deeper into the subject of wellness and weight loss. Many weight loss programs do a wonderful job at helping you lose weight. However, they fail to offer any of the much needed support to maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle. At re:vitalize, we have a passion to help you avoid the many frustrations that traditional dieting brings and to show you how science and technology can offer long lasting results with minimal effort. Together, let’s make this the last weight loss program you’ll ever need!

Dan Lemoine

Dan LeMoine
CEO, Co-Founder

Dan is passionate about helping others get healthy and reclaim their best lives. In addition to serving as re:vitalize’s CEO, Dan is a certified holistic nutritionist, with board certifications from both The American Association of Drugless Practitioners and the American Naturopathic Medical Accreditation Board. He and Dr. Abood co-authored their book, Fear No Food, which became an Amazon #1 Best Seller and #1 New Release. Dan’s thought leadership on weight loss, nutrition, and metabolic health has been featured in various outlets like Fox News, Delish.com, 247Health, Prevention, MSN, and Sports Illustrated. Originally from Ohio, Dan and his wife Danae (also a nutritionist and co-founder of re:vitalize) moved to Phoenix in 2017 to open re:vitalize’s Arizona locations.

Danae Lemoine


An educator by trade, Danae made the transition from educational leadership and consulting to helping co-found re:vitalize in 2017. Achieving her board certification in holistic nutrition shortly after, Danae led operations and program development at re:vitalize until 2022 when she stepped out to be full time mom. She continues to be involved at re:vitalize in an advisory role with Dan and re:vitalize’s leadership.

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Featured in

“In an industry that profits from failure, Noel and Dan at re:vitalize are invested in long-term health and wellness for their clients. Their integrity is so refreshing! Even when their clients want to keep losing, they encourage them to stop and let their bodies take a break. Trust them; they know what they are doing.”

- Dr. Kari Anderson, myeatingdoctor.com, author of Food, Body & Love

Dr. Kari Anderson

Our Leadership

Alongside co-founders Dr. Noel Abood and Dan LeMoine, the re:vitalize team consists of board-certified holistic and clinical nutritionists and weight loss coaches. re:vitalize Weight Loss & Wellness is family-owned and our staff aim to care for each member the same way we’d care for and coach our closest family members.

lauren bastin

Lauren Bastin
Program & Operations Manager

Lauren, director of operations at re:vitalize joined the team in 2018 in the early days at the Chandler clinic, following her graduation with a degree in Dietetics. Discovering her passion to help others, Lauren enjoys the success of both members and coaches. The transformation and accomplishments of the members continue to inspire her to strive for personal growth. Working in an environment that prioritizes wellness, re:vitalize has broadened her perspective on health, extending beyond dietary choices to encompass stress management, energy, and overall life balance. Lauren’s advice to members is knowing “Every struggle is an opportunity to overcome something and take it as another win.”

ciara mahar

Ciara Jensen
Clinical Director

With over a year as a lead coach with re:vitalize, Ciara Mahar brings an appreciation of wellness to the organization. Ciara’s connection to wholesome eating began over a decade ago when she began her own health journey by adopting a plant-based diet. Her commitment is to helping individuals embrace a healthy lifestyle shift as she experienced, empowering those seeking a meaningful change. “Joining re:vitalize is such a great step in the right direction, and I am here as a supporting guide through every phase.” For Ciara, her thrill is to witness improved health markers by using the latest technology at re:vitalize, increased confidence, and even freedom from certain medications.

alex sells

Alex Sells
Member Success Manager

Meet Alex Sells, a Member Success Manager and certified health coach at re:vitalize since 2021. As a coach, Alex finds satisfaction in watching people enhance their quality of life and break free from the chains of weight, lifestyle, and health restrictions so they can dive into the things they love- "that is what it is all about for me. It's not just about getting healthier; it's about living a life you deserve." With a devotion to nutrition, Alex empowers re:vitalize members to have a successful weight loss journey and achieve their health and wellness goals. 

Linda Grisham

Linda Graham
Member Success Manager

As a dedicated Member Success Manager, Linda joined the team in 2021, drawn to the program’s lifestyle approach, much like others who discovered it through the radio. In her role as a Member Success Manager and coach, she sees the daily challenges and needs of the members. With a degree in nutrition, Linda resonates deeply with re:vitalize’s commitment to a whole-food approach, prioritizing sustainable lifestyle changes over quick fixes. Her journey with re:vitalize has fueled her belief in the power of understanding how food affects us. For anyone considering the program, her advice is simple, “ Embrace the program, learn about yourself through the process, and gain the tools to not just lose the weight but to maintain a healthier, more fulfilled life.”

alena jefferies

Alena Jefferies

Alena joined the team in May 2021, bringing a passion for making a positive impact on company operations. She values the responsibility of new protocols and training health coaches, finding satisfaction in connection with the team during this process. Alena achieved her wellness goals and developed an appreciation for nutrition embracing the holistic education re:vitalize offers. In her advice to clients, Alena encourages them to wholeheartedly embrace the journey, highlighting the team’s dedication to provide necessary support. Recognizing that health is a team effort, the coaches at re:vitalize are committed to being a reliable support throughout the transformative process.

ariana cedillo

Ariana Cedillo
Marketing Coordinator

Joining the team in 2023, Ariana is passionate about sharing the lasting results the program has to offer with others who feel like they’ve tried everything in the realm of weight loss programs. She appreciates the focus on lifestyle habits, providing not only physical wellness insights but also guidance on personal growth. As a key player in the marketing efforts, Ariana ensures effective communication of the enduring value that individuals will gain from the tools learned in the program. “From the technology to the supplements and with a dedicated team, re:vitalize will empower you to achieve your weight loss goals and maintain them, all while becoming part of a new supportive family on this transformative journey.

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