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Meet Our CEO & Lead Nutritionist, Dan LeMoine

Dan is a board-certified holistic nutritionist and founded re:vitalize alongside Dr. Noel Abood in 2017. Dan and his team are proud to serve as the nutrition partner of the Phoenix Suns and Dan’s thought leadership on weight loss, nutrition, and the metabolism has been seen in outlets like Fox News, PureWow, Authority Magazine, Delish.com, Prevention, MSN News, and Sports Illustrated.  

Dan’s team at re:vitalize has won various awards including the MindBody Visionary Award and Top Nutritionists in Arizona, and Dan is the co-author of the #1 Amazon best-selling book, Fear No Food: The Last Weight Loss Program You’ll Ever Need.

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Dan Lemoine & his mother

Dan’s Mom

Dan joined re:vitalize after watching his mom significantly reduce her metabolic age to lose over 30 lbs and keep it off since 2014. Dan had watched his mom struggle through a lifetime of yo-yoing and quick-fix diets. Seeing the freedom she has with her renewed wellness and empowerment made him a believer (and as a nutritionist— at first he was skeptical if it would last!). 

dr. noel abood

Co-Founding re:vitalize weight loss

Dan’s co-founder, Dr. Noel Abood, started working on the genesis of what’s now the re:vitalize program after suffering a heart attack on the tennis court at age 49! This sparked a multi-year process of creating a fully customized, wellness-first approach to weight loss that actually works over the long haul. After seeing the success his mom had in 2014 working with Dr. Abood to lose weight and lower her metabolic age to keep it off, Dan had to get involved.

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Food IS Medicine

As a nutritionist, Dan has a passion for helping others get healthy and reclaim their best lives beyond just seeing a number on the scale. At re:vitalize we believe food is medicine. We don’t just believe this in the theoretical sense — we’ve seen the research and seen first hand the life-changing effects healthy nutrition and lifestyle can have on your quality of life. We’re honored to play whatever part we need to help you get to your healthiest self — whether that’s simply an encouraging discovery call or a full blown re:vitalize program.

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If one-size-fits-all doesn’t work for t-shirts, it certainly doesn’t work for nutrition. It’s time the weight loss industry take a fully customized approach to weight loss and wellness.

- Dan LeMoine


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five star reviews

We empower people for sustained results. Don’t believe us? Check out our 800+ five-star reviews on Google.


success rate

Over 94% of members Dan and the re:vitalize team have worked with have successfully lost significant weight and are empowered to keep it off.


Amazon Best Seller

In 2021 Dr. Abood and Dan published their book Fear No Food, which hit #1 Best Seller and #1 New Release within the first two weeks of publication.



Since 2017, Dan and the re:vitalize team have helped over 10k people live their healthiest lives, lose weight, and fix their metabolisms naturally and sustainably.

What Our Clients Have to Say

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“This book is a must read if you care about your health and want to change your life! I am a former pro athlete that struggled with weight issues, up and down! Dan and Noel showed me how to lose the weight once and for all, 41lbs in 40 days and kept it off.”

Tim Kempton

sportscaster and NBA great

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“Covering professional sports and athletes day in and day out, the link between nutrition and performance is undeniable. Whether you’re looking to perform on the field or in life — nutrition is key. This approach taught me that customized nutrition is the fastest way to achieve your health and weight loss goals.”

Dan Bickley

Sports columnist and on-air radio host of the Bickley & Marotta Show

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“As a former Professional Cheerleader and now Mom of 3, I’ve tried all the diets and tricks of the trade and nothing has ever worked except re:vitalize! Dr. Abood’s approach was easy, straight forward, and the perfect roadmap to get back to the happy, healthier ME!”

Jenni Croft

Jenni Croft

Bachelor Season 11 finalist, Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader and Miami Heat dancer, Mom of 3

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re:vitalize’s co-founders — Dr. Noel Abood & Dan LeMoine — share insights into the struggle of weight gain and why most diets just don’t work.

Packed with real stories of real people getting real results, Fear No Food is easy to read and will reveal how imbalances and inflammation are affecting your metabolism, and teaches you how to eat for weight loss, metabolic repair, and ongoing wellness.

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Sports Illustrated | Does Coffee Suppress Appetite?

Sports Illustrated

Nov. 15, 2023

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