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Hydrate: Restoring Energy and Burning Fat One Drop At a Time

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Perhaps you’ve heard about the importance of drinking water to lose weight. Hydration and weight loss really does go hand in hand. Staying hydrated is one of the most crucial steps to achieving any health and fitness goal. Hydration keeps our body at an optimal level of performance, enabling it to burn fat and keep energy levels high.

Because all of our metabolic processes start and end in the cell, it makes sense to look at the cellular level to see what we can do to optimize our cells’ performance. The second, and arguably most important, element of the Revitalize weight loss program is ensuring you are adequately hydrated at the cellular level. When your cells are dehydrated, they cannot function well, meaning a lot of the processes related to weight loss are inhibited. These include the liver’s, growth hormone’s, and lipase’s ability to metabolize fat being reduced. When dehydrated, our cognitive function also declines, making us feel tired. When we feel tired, we crave carbs as a source of quick fuel, making fat loss all the more difficult. 

Cellular hydration goes beyond just making sure you’re drinking enough water. It’s a function of quantity and quality. Are you getting enough water? Does the water have the right trace minerals or electrolytes to make it usable for your body?

And of course, the question on most people’s minds: How much water should I drink to lose weight and stay hydrated? Though everyone’s body is different, a general rule is to aim for drinking half your body weight in ounces of water each day. If you weigh 200 pounds, you should drink 100 ounces of water each day. 

As for quality . . . we’ve all heard of electrolytes, right? Gatorade has made those a household name for many of us. An electrolyte is a trace mineral that creates a slight electrical charge on the cell membrane, drawing water molecules into the cell. If our bodies don’t have the right trace mineral balance, our bodies won’t absorb that hydration at the cellular level. We’re either just peeing it straight out, or it “pools” as puffy interstitial fluid (unhelpful water outside the cells) in our ankles or wrists. 

See, much of the water we drink is purified or distilled in some way to remove harmful contaminants and chemicals. Although this is great, the trace minerals and electrolytes our cells need to function properly are also removed. In other words, we can drink a ton of water each day and not get the proper hydration we need. Many of our first-time clients, who have told us they are hydrated, are shocked to discover that their biodata reveals they are dehydrated. 

To ensure proper hydration for your cells, we recommend supplementing with a high-quality trace mineral supplement. This feeds your cell’s electrolytes and other minerals it needs to allow the water to enter. Here’s the good news: it’s incredibly easy to find the needed trace minerals. We’ll spare you the biology lesson here, but water needs help finding the way into your cells, so pink salt, unlike typical table salt, is a great source of electrolytes. By doing this, you can achieve the optimal hydration levels to start burning those pesky pounds! 

Making sure that you are hydrated is a necessity to losing weight and achieving your weight loss goals. By understanding the science behind it, we can empower and equip you with the tools needed to start your fitness journey! To learn more about this process, contact one of our Revitalize Weight Loss & Wellness locations in Phoenix, Arizona to wash away those pounds!

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