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A Complete Picture of Semaglutide & GLP-1s

Understand the facts surrounding semaglutide and other GLP-1 medications, including how they work, the benefits & side effects, and whether it’s as effective as the hype suggests.

Balanced & Relevant Guidance

We dive into the evidence-based research and expert opinions so you don’t have to. Discover whether semaglutide and GLP-1 medication makes sense for your weight loss journey, and how to achieve similar (or better) results without these drugs.

Expert Answers & The Full Picture

Learn whether these new weight loss drugs are all they’re cracked up to be. Get definitive answers from experts to questions like: Do they work? Is the weight loss sustainable? Are they safe for you? And see how GLP-1 medication compares to holistic, nutrition-focused weight loss methods and effective alternatives.

What’s Inside?

Our resource is a comprehensive guide to the most popular weight loss drugs on the market right now, answering the questions everyone is asking (and the one’s people aren’t but should be).

What Are These Drugs and Do They *Actually* Work?

The weight loss world is full of embellishment and misinformation—this guide details the facts surrounding semaglutide, debunks common myths, and gives clarity on how they work and if the weight loss is sustainable.

Cost, Benefits, & Side Effects

Our eBook outlines the benefits and risks of taking Semaglutide and other GLP-1 drugs for weight loss. We outline typical costs and timeframes someone may need to be on these medications.

Natural Alternatives For Better Results

This resource provides a research-focused look into alternative approaches and supplements that can help you get the same or better results without the alarming side effects.

3x Bonus Resources

We’ve included our most popular resources including: “How to Kill Your Food Cravings” guide, Healthy Recipes & Cooking Tutorials with Executive Chef of the Phoenix Suns, and a guide on How To Naturally Rebalance Your Hunger Hormones to naturally regulate your appetite and metabolism.

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Our team of board-certified, expert nutritionists will help you discover the optimal nutrients for your body so you can achieve lasting weight loss success with a no-obligation consultation.

Success Stories

Our holistic weight loss programs, supplements, and resources have helped countless members lose weight and keep it off while working within their unique lifestyles.

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Lost 40 lbs

Sue D., kept it off since 2022

“If you’re going to take the shots or the pills you might lose weight quickly but as soon as you’re off the thing you’ve become dependent on, it’s going to come right back on. I know because I’ve done it before. Re:vitalize was the easiest thing I’ve ever done as far as diet and weight loss. I’ve lost 40 lbs and have kept it off for over a year.”

Dr. Tom Fiel, DO, fmr Team Physician for Milwaukee Brewers & Phoenix Suns

“This program will do for you what it’s done for so many of my patients who have been wrestling with diabetes, high blood pressure and other obesity-related diseases — take your nutrition and health to the next level. They will show you how to not only get back to your healthiest weight and self, but enjoy food while doing it. I have unbelievable trust and faith in them…so should you.”

Lost 96 lbs

Jeff B., 5 months with re:vitalize’s holistic weight loss & metabolic reset program

“It’s been such a dramatic change in such a short period of time that people asked if I had surgery or was taking Ozempic or semaglutide — I say NO! I tell them re:vitalize helped me reset my metabolism and helped me understand which foods are good and bad for my body.”

What Our Members Have to Say

Over 800+ positive 5-star reviews

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Trust the process. It works! And the coaches are very helpful and supportive during the journey. I am a day away from finishing Stage 3, which is what differentiates re:vitalize from everyone else! I’ll let you know in 9 months after a year has passed what it all looks like but so far, I am glad I made the decision! Down 35 lbs!!!

Kelly Arakaki

Google Review

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“It’s brutally honest that mirrors have a way of always telling the truth! My trip through Revitalize was not only life changing but sustainable. Don’t be fooled by the other magic pill programs—I tried that at one point and found frustration not success. We all know that we can’t buy time.. so dont waste any more of yours— and take the initial consult, it’s the real way to live healthy and happy!”

Mark Matsock

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I joined Revitalize in September 2023, and have been able to maintain my weight loss through both Thanksgiving and Christmas! This program really works and I recommend it to anyone who has been trying to lose weight for sometime and not been able to do it alone. Everyone is so Helpful and supportive and available to answer questions throughout the entire process. Thank you Revitalize!!!

Jill Yancy

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dan lemoine

Learn About the Author

Dan LeMoine, CEO and co-founder of re:vitalize, is a board-certified, holistic nutritionist dedicated to helping members achieve lasting weight loss.

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