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How Excess Sugar Makes You Gain Weight

Executive Summary If you’ve been struggling to lose weight, you’ve probably started pointing fingers at all the potential reasons why. One of the first places to point is at sugar. So, does sugar make you fat? The narrative that sugar is evil isn’t entirely true. In fact, our bodies rely on sugar in the form […]

The 10 Best Anti-Inflammatory Foods for Weight Loss

Executive Summary Inflammation is the main culprit responsible for a long list of problematic health conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure, and rheumatoid arthritis. Sustained inflammation also impacts weight loss by impacting metabolic function. This cycle then repeats itself as obesity can cause additional inflammation. One of the most significant markers of inflammation in […]

6 Tips for Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain This Year

Executive Summary The holidays are a time for enjoyment, gathering, sweet ciders, and delicious treats. With all these fun factors, many feel that the holidays are hopeless for their weight loss goals. In one survey about holiday goals, only 35% of people reported wanting to lose weight compared to 64% in the pre-holiday assessment. Meanwhile, […]

re:vitalize Weight Loss vs. Medical Weight Loss

There are countless approaches to weight loss, and it can be a challenge to find the right one for you. re:vitalize, a holistic weight loss and wellness approach, and medical weight loss both offer effective weight loss options for a variety of lifestyles. An honest comparison between the two can help you make an informed […]

Inner Cellular Hydration & Weight Loss: The Connection

Key Takeaways Inner Cellular Hydration for Weight Loss Hydration and weight loss really do go hand in hand. Staying hydrated is one of the most crucial steps to achieving any health and fitness goal. Hydration keeps our body at an optimal level of performance, enabling it to burn fat and keep energy levels high. Because […]

Five Breakfast Recipes to Speed up Your Metabolism

At Revitalize, we seek to naturally accelerate your metabolism by improving your diet and encouraging you to pursue a healthy lifestyle based on the health and fitness goals you’ve set. Starting your day with a fulfilling breakfast is the first step in achieving your health goals, so let’s hit the ground running towards a healthier […]

Tips and Tricks for Losing Weight in the New Year

Who doesn’t have a New Year’s resolution to lose weight? Perhaps you’re one of the many people that recognize that weight loss and dietary changes are necessary in the new year. Each year many people attempt to lose weight, and each year many people experience failure for a number of reasons. Make this the year […]

The Importance of Affirmations During Weight Loss

Losing weight can seem like a daunting task, especially when the process ends up taking more time than you’d like. However, weight loss and self-esteem go hand in hand, and daily affirmations can boost mental health when challenges arise. Affirmations are phrases or statements you can repeat to yourself daily to help increase self-esteem and […]

The Key to Weight Loss: Mind Over Matter

After many years of helping others reach their goal weight, we’ve seen the “chicken or the egg” scenario repeated over and over again. Losing weight requires the right mindset, but when you lose weight, you get the right mindset to lose weight. In other words, they enable each other. Internal motivation makes weight loss possible, […]

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