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The Key to Weight Loss: Mind Over Matter

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After many years of helping others reach their goal weight, we’ve seen the “chicken or the egg” scenario repeated over and over again. Losing weight requires the right mindset, but when you lose weight, you get the right mindset to lose weight. In other words, they enable each other. Internal motivation makes weight loss possible, and weight loss boosts internal motivation. So, why is it so hard to muster up the motivation to lose weight if it’s always inside us? Well, that’s because the opposite is also true. Being overweight negatively impacts your self-esteem and motivation, and having a poor self-esteem puts you at higher risk for being overweight.  

Weight Wallops Your Self-esteem

The emotional effects of being overweight cannot be overstated. Obesity can cause clinical depression that is worsened by self-imposed social isolation. It’s tragic, but many people see their struggle with weight as a poor reflection on themselves, as if they’ve done something horribly wrong and are somehow less of a human being because of it. Further damaging their sense of self-worth, heavy people often suffer from the poor treatment they receive from others.  

We live in an era where everyone is posting about their fabulous lives all over social media, and it seems like everyone has the “perfect” body to go along with it! That alone can make us feel self-conscious and maybe even a bit embarrassed, but on top of that, overweight people are often treated differently in social gatherings. Large people are shamed and deemed lazy or weak-willed to such a point that there is a stigma to being overweight. Likewise, heavy children are more likely to be bullied at school, and at all ages, they tend to have a harder time making friends and establishing romantic relationships. So, perhaps it only makes sense that overweight individuals suffer with poor self-esteem. They may feel unattractive and ashamed, which makes them less willing to even try to socialize. Unfortunately, that reluctance only compounds their social isolation. Consequently, overweight or obese individuals frequently end up living a sedentary life, which exacerbates health problems due to complications from weight. 

Why It’s Worse for Heavy People

It’s imperative that overweight people know they are loved unconditionally and that they get the emotional support they need. Mood disorders, such as depression and anxiety, are common among overweight individuals of all ages, as they struggle with coping in a society that is not friendly towards heavy people. Remember our “chicken or the egg” analogy? Well, there is evidence that the emotional effects of being overweight causes further weight gain. Conversely, a study in Comprehensive Psychiatry discovered that when heavy people were able to improve their self-esteem, they were able to reverse clinical disorders, which then encouraged them to go out into public and find help for their weight. Again, we see a cycle that can go two ways. 

Physiology vs. Psychology

At Revitalize Weight Loss & Wellness, we hear stories each and every day about how people’s lives have changed for the better. The clients at our weight loss clinic talk about how they’ve gained more confidence after weight loss and how it’s given them the courage necessary to ask for (and receive) pay raises, start dating, and have more fun with the people in their lives. We’ve seen in our own clients the undeniable connection between weight and emotional well-being. Not convinced? Here’s a fun experiment to see how easily your physiology can change your psychology.  

  •   Raise your right arm high above your head
  •   Bend your elbow to lower your hand behind your head as far as you can 
  •   Now, give yourself a big pat on the back because you’re awesome

It’s really hard to do this without cracking a big smile because it’s a silly little exercise, but it proves that your physical state can change how you feel — for better or for worse. If you’re ready to take the leap towards looking and feeling your best, Revitalize Weight Loss & Wellness will make your goal weight a reality. Contact our weight loss clinic near you and schedule a no-obligation consultation today!   

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