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Phentermine: Does It Burn Fat or Just Suppress Appetite?

Key Takeaways Phentermine for Weight Loss Phentermine is a popular medication that can be prescribed to suppress appetite. As a result, it is one of the most commonly prescribed weight loss medications. Phentermine has gained popularity, along with other weight loss medications like Semaglutide, as a quick fix for losing weight. However, phentermine is surrounded […]

How Cortisol Negatively Affects Weight Gain

Urban scene with a man looking stressed while sitting on a ledge

Key Takeaways Cortisol’s Effect on Weight Cortisol is a hormone that the body releases in response to stress. This hormone serves an important biological function, as it puts the body in a state of high alertness, known as “fight or flight”, which helps the body protect itself from danger. This was helpful when our ancestors […]

Does Rapid Weight Loss Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

young couple looking sad as they lack intimacy

Executive Summary Weight Loss and Erectile Dysfunction Erectile dysfunction (ED) can affect men at any age, but it does tend to become more common with aging. ED can be a frustrating condition, impacting your sexual health and your confidence. Unfortunately, ED is a complex situation, as there can be several different causes, making it difficult […]

How To Repair Your Metabolism

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Key Takeaways Repairing Your Metabolism Metabolism is your body’s process for creating energy from the foods you eat. The metabolism plays an important role in our day-to-day activities, ensuring we have the fuel to manage them. That said, a damaged metabolism can have a significant impact on your overall health and wellness. If your metabolism […]

5 Helpful Tips To Enhance Your Weight Loss Strategy

profile view of young woman drinking water while exercising

Key Takeaways Many people think weight loss is simple—”I just need to eat less or exercise more”. However, the reality is that there are so many factors that influence weight loss, like your sleep habits, metabolism, and more. To see real, consistent progress, you should address all of these factors together. Taking a holistic approach […]

Does Intermittent Fasting Slow Your Metabolism?

clear pitcher filled with water and lemon slices

Key takeaways Intermittent fasting is a technique in which you eat only during certain periods of time each day and not outside of that window. During a fasting window, you avoid eating entirely and only drink water or zero-calorie beverages like coffee or tea. There are several different approaches to fasting, like fasting for two […]

What Is A Holistic Weight Loss Program?

what is a holistic weight loss program

Key Takeaways As much as we all try to find it, there is no secret to instant weight loss. In the search for the fastest weight loss journey possible, we may often forget the balance between weight loss and well-being—this is where holistic weight loss programs come in. Holistic weight loss is an approach to […]

The Incredible Value of Creating a Weight Loss Plan

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Executive Summary With any new journey, following a set plan is going to get you a lot farther than trying to wander toward your destination—a weight loss journey is the same. Without a plan, you’re unlikely to maximize your full potential in your weight loss and wellness efforts. As with any venture, a weight loss […]

The Value of Weight Loss For Fertility

someone pregnant

Executive Summary When striving to improve fertility and reproductive health, there are many factors that you might think about, like the foods you eat and how often you exercise. However, many people overlook the influence of weight on fertility. In fact, weight loss may be one of the best ways to improve your reproductive health […]

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