Although the medical community relies on the BMI as an indicator of whether someone is at a healthy weight, it does have its critics. At Revitalize Weight Loss we don’t put much stock in the BMI as a good metric of overall health. Seriously, if you took the BMI of competitive bodybuilders, you would discover they are considered obese! As reported in the Wall Street Journal, one of the troubles with the BMI is that it treats people as two-dimensional; it suggests that as we get taller, we should get wider. Thankfully, that’s not the case. Another problem with BMI is that it doesn’t take into consideration that each person has different types of bodies — different amounts of muscle mass, bone density, and hydration levels. 

Still, it’s agreed that we need a baseline for what a healthy weight is to determine, in part, what range puts someone at risk for health conditions related to being overweight and can be a driving factor for a change in one’s nutrition plan. To get a better idea of whether a person is at a good weight for them, Revitalize takes a more comprehensive approach and considers things like body frame and bone density, body fat percentage, visceral fat rating, hydration level, and metabolic age and BMI. Our biometric technology is one of our most reliable tools to do this as it shows a more holistic picture of a person’s health and body composition. 

Everybody needs fat. Research has shown that individuals with appropriate amounts of fat are less likely to develop obesity-related health conditions. Body fat percentage is a much more accurate indication of your weight-related status than BMI, which is essentially a height and weight chart to help determine your diet plan. The Revitalize Program is designed to target abnormal fat. Set a realistic goal for your body fat percentage and then follow the diet program accustomed to you. While on the Revitalize program, the goal is not just to lose weight but to lose body fat, decrease body fat percentage, and gain health body water percentage in the form of cellular hydration. When everything is going in the right direction, this will lower your metabolic age while increasing your metabolism. It is a great goal to have your metabolic age substantially lower than your actual age.


At Revitalize Weight Loss, we believe it only makes sense that people who are “bigger boned” should weigh more than their counterparts with smaller frames. If someone is unable to get access to the biometric technology we utilize in our clinics,  we often recommend using something called the “wrist method” to first determine a person’s body frame, then match their height with a weight to determine whether they should adopt a weight loss program to improve their health and if and by how much they might consider  decreasing their weight. We also have two charts to make that determination – one for women and one for men. The wrist method works like this: 

Wrap your thumb and second finger around your wrist… 

✓ If your fingers overlap, you have a small body frame. 

✓ If your fingers touch, then you have a medium body frame. 

✓ If there is a gap between your fingers, then you have a large body frame. 

Now that you know what kind of frame you have, use the following charts to determine if you are within a healthy body weight or if you need to adjust your nutrition plan. The weight ranges are in pounds.

Did you discover that you need to invest in a weight loss program? Or did you discover you need to look for the best nutrition advice and diet structure? Our team of nutrition experts and health coaches at Revitalize Weight Loss are passionate about providing valuable nutrition plans and overall lifestyle changes to help support you in your weight loss journey. It’s certainly not foolproof, which is why we recommend using technology and structured coaching to guide your nutrition decisions, but the “wrist method” is slightly more comprehensive than the outdated BMI method. Contact us today to learn more!

“Covering professional sports and athletes day in and day out, the link between nutrition and performance is undeniable. Whether you’re looking to perform on the field or in life, nutrition is key. This approach taught me that customized nutrition is the fastest way to achieve your health and weight loss goals.”
—DAN BICKLEY, sports columnist, on-air radio host of the Bickley & Marotta show