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ciara mahar

Ciara Mahar

Board Certified Health Coach and Nutritionist

With over a year as a lead coach with re:vitalize, Ciara Mahar brings an appreciation of wellness to the organization. Ciara’s connection to wholesome eating began over a decade ago when she began her own health journey by adopting a plant-based diet. Her commitment is to helping individuals embrace a healthy lifestyle shift as she experienced, empowering those seeking a meaningful change. “Joining re:vitalize is such a great step in the right direction, and I am here as a supporting guide through every phase.” For Ciara, her thrill is to witness improved health markers by using the latest technology at re:vitalize, increased confidence, and even freedom from certain medications. 


Every client at re:vitalize needs a different approach to weight loss due to different life stressors, biochemistry, and metabolism. Our weight loss program works because we take the guesswork out of dieting by using the latest bioscan and biocommunication technology.

Tim Kempton

“This approach is a “must do” if you care about your health and want to change your life! I am a former pro athlete that struggled with weight issues, up and down! Dan and Doc and the staff at re:vitalize showed me how to lose the weight once and for all, 41lbs in 40 days and kept it off.”

Mark West

“It works…[For me] it was more about some of the body chemistry…The surprise was how much weight loss I lost in the first week. In just the first week I lost 10lbs. What you learn is how you can still feel full and feel good; still get good food and the stuff you like and not go crazy.”

Vince Marotta

“I used to eat like a 14-year-old kid whose parents were out of town, so needless to say, I got heavy. I had doubts about whether or not I had the ability or discipline to lose weight, but the methods of Dr. Abood and his staff at re:vitalize weight loss alleviated those doubts quickly — and changed my life in the process!”

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