Holistic Weight Loss Program

The Last Weight Loss Program You Will Ever Need.

Stop spinning your wheels with fad diets and weight loss products that leave you frustrated. The re:vitalize holistic weight loss program uses state-of-the-art biometric technology to build a healthy, personalized program that works for your body and metabolism.

What is Holistic Weight Loss?

Weight loss is more than burning fat—it’s about feeling healthier and happier. Holistic weight loss means tailoring a program to your body and your metabolism based on eating lots of beautiful, life-giving whole foods so you can lose weight safely and without compromising your overall health.

Holistic weight loss prioritizes natural weight loss through methods that work for you instead of relying on calorie counting, dangerous medications, or bars, shakes, or pills with questionable ingredients. A holistic approach means shedding weight and keeping it off by helping you learn which specific foods are best for your body, building sustainable habits, and and allowing your body to rebalance naturally and fix youry metabolism. We believe food is medicine. We don’t just believe it – eating the right food and making appropriate lifestyle changes has been scientifically proven to be one of the most effective ways to acheive long-term weight loss success and prevent and alleviate chronic illness. And we see it everyday among our members.

How It Works

Our Approach To
Holistic Weight Loss

At re:vitalize, our holistic approach begins with figuring out your unique needs and building a personalized plan to deliver real results.


Personalized Assessment and Consultation

Through an in-person or virtual consultation, we’ll discuss your specific goals and challenges to determine which program is best for you and complete a full Body Composition & Metabolic Age Analysis with our biometric technology.


Development of a Customized Nutrition Plan

Our advanced biometric BioScan™ technology allows us (and you) to better understand your unique body composition, metabolism, and nutritional needs so we can develop a targeted nutrition plan and supplementation protocol  to lose weight and rebalance your body.


Integration of Lifestyle, Habit, and Mindfulness Practices

Your physical health starts with your mental health. During check-ins with our board-certified health coaches, we’ll also focus on more than just your weight loss, to ensure you’re losing weight, sleeping better, have amazing energy, and feeling great.


Incorporation of Natural and Organic Ingredients

You don’t have to worry about counting calories, taking (or injecting) questionable medications, or eating bland diet bars. Your re:vitalize  plan focuses on equipping you with a meal plan of healthy, whole foods so you feel energetic and NOT hungry.


Emphasis on Metabolic Age Improvement and Sustainable Lifestyle Changes for Long-Term Success

Many programs can help people lose weight, but few focus on healthy weight management. Beyond weight loss, we measure other key biomarkers indicating metabolic improvment so you can keep the weight off. Our nutrition staff  provide consistent support and resources beyond your weight loss so you can enjoy your results long-term.

Why re:vitalize Will Work For You​

Benefits of Our
Natural Weight Loss Programs

Our holistic approach to weight loss means you won’t just lose weight – you’ll be and feel healthier. Through our natural weight loss program, you experience a wide range of benefits.

Weight Loss

Our comprehensive methods using our state-of-the-art technology and personalized one-to-one coaching take the guesswork out of weight loss. Between our technology and personalized approach, we guarantee results so that you lose weight and enjoy a more positive self-image.

Reduced Risk of Disease

Obesity is a risk factor for a wide array of health concerns, from diabetes to heart disease. With a natural weight loss program, you can maintain a healthy weight while also supporting your overall health and wellness. Starvation diets, bars and shakes with questionable ingredients, and medications leave you yo-yo-ing and with dangerous side effects.

Increased Energy Levels

You won’t feel tired or hungry with re:vitalize. By developing a simple-to-follow meal plan with no calorie counting, and by addressing the factors that affect your metabolism, our program means you’ll enjoy more energy in your everyday activities. Our team of coaches is always available between your in-person or virtual visits to support in the event you’re not feeling amazing on your journey.

Enhanced Mental Clarity

When you live better, you feel better. Our program encourages you to eat a diet of whole foods, which not only encourages healthy weight management but also gives you the nutrients for mental clarity.

Why Choose re:vitalize Weight Loss?

At re:vitalize, we work with your body, not against it—determining your specific needs to guarantee success.

Lasting Results

Our all-encompassing program helps you prioritize your health, lose weight, and maintain your weight loss. We’ll help you identify the nutrients you need and follow a diet that you can stick to, giving you the tools to succeed well beyond the program.

Top-of-the-Line Biometric Technology

We use the latest BioScan™ and biometric technology to identify your unique nutritional needs, understand your body composition, and monitor your progress throughout your journey.

Real and Nutritious Foods

Many diet and wellness programs encourage you not to eat. Weight loss and wellness has to be more comprehensive than the outdated and oversimplified “calories-in/calories-out” formula. However, our program prioritizes a healthy relationship with food that allows you to enjoy nutrient-dense whole foods that fuel your body with clean energy.

Strong Support System

You have access to our team of board-certified coaches and nutritionists, providing you with guidance and accountability throughout the process. With the help of consistent check-ins, you will maintain real progress.

Group Activities and Wellness Events

re:vitalize is a community of thousands of satisfied weight loss members. Become a part of the community through our highly engaged member-only Facebook group, and group wellness events that offer you even more support.

Local Resources and Partnerships

Our weight control program checks all the boxes to support your weight loss journey — whether you’re a travelling executive or stay-at-home parent —you’ll be connected with local resources to boost and maintain your progress.

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Our natural weight loss program provides real results to real people. We guarantee you the same success enjoyed by our many clients.

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Few weight loss programs take the holistic approach that we do at re:vitalize. A healthy weight loss system needs to be comprehensive and personalized. From providing you with realistic meal plans to checking in with you along the journey, we give you all the tools for sustained success.

“We should be personalizing diets and not just trying to squeeze everyone into the same shoe size.”
– TIM SPECTER, epidemiologist and professor at King’s College in London 

We serve as a true partner for you throughout the entire process, helping you not only lose weight but feel great too. Take your first step toward a healthier lifestyle. Contact us today at (480) 435-3557 with any questions.