All Diets Work For The Right Person

Everyone is different and unique with their own body composition. Many factors contribute to its make-up, including a person’s metabolism. This fiery furnace of the body that is responsible for burning energy is tuned specifically to the individual’s anatomy, and wouldn’t work the same if given to another individual. People’s metabolism can also change dramatically over time, slowing its function. When a person’s metabolism begins to slow down, finding the best weight loss program for your unique body type can be the jump start your metabolism needs! 

Age is just one of many factors that influences your metabolism, with many of them being adjustable to bring your metabolism new life. These factors include activity levels, types of diets, medical conditions, and body size. Let’s take a quick peek at some real-life scenarios Revitalize Weight Loss & Wellness has successfully worked with that truly depict how different we are:

  • Client One is a former NBA star who played on the court with the likes of Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley. He’s six feet, seven inches tall and still pretty active in his pastimes. However, he’s not as active as he was when he was young, and he still has the appetite of his youth. He’s on TV and radio every week, so he feels pressured to maintain his physique. The last thing he wants is some fan of his former rival to poke fun at his weight on Twitter! 
  • Client Two, meanwhile, could be considered Client One’s opposite. She’s five feet, two inches tall, menopausal, and has a fairly sedentary lifestyle aside from walking three or four days a week. She’s been on a variety of diet plans, saying she’s “done everything under the sun” from bars and shakes to diet pills and human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) shots. Not only that, but she also tried fad diets like Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers, all to no avail. Sure, she’d lose a few pounds with each plan at the beginning, but she quickly puts it back on without even trying.
  • Client Three is a middle-aged executive male. He’s six feet tall, solidly built, and relatively active. He hikes and lifts weights a few days a week, and sees a personal trainer on the days in between. At one point, he had to have knee surgery, and ever since, he’s had trouble maintaining his weight. 

Just a quick glance at these profiles will tell you they are all in different phases of their lives. Their motivations to lose weight are different. They all have different backgrounds and energy usage patterns, and most likely, they all have had different stressors in their lives. No two people experience the identical rate of change in their metabolism.  

Each of these people live completely different lives from one another and have different physiology. For this reason, a diet plan could prove to be incredibly effective for one person, but completely ineffective for another. Lifestyles, health goals, and anatomy must be taken into account when deciding a diet plan. With so many fad diets out there, it could be tempting to choose one over a diet designed for you. Once you understand what vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients your body needs on a daily basis, it’s easy to heal your metabolism and actually lose weight.

At Revitalize, our weight loss center, can provide the information you need to get your metabolism back into the ring. Our local weight loss center in Phoenix will break down the science behind your unique biology, and identify factors that need to be adjusted to reinvigorate your metabolism to help you lose those pesky pounds! If our center is too far for you to visit, we also provide virtual weight loss programs for your convenience! Contact one of our weight loss centers near you, and schedule your in-person or virtual consultation to help you enjoy a healthier lifestyle!