If you have begun a weight loss journey, then you are probably well aware of the different plans, treatments, and protocols marketed worldwide for this exact goal. While multiple weight loss programs are available, the key is finding one that will work best for you, your health and wellness goals, your budget, and your level of commitment. 

While it can be overwhelming to determine which weight loss strategy will help you be successful, narrowing down the basics to adhere to one shouldn’t be! Essentially, you want to reduce or eliminate processed and packaged foods that contain high amounts of sugar, fat, and additives that you can’t pronounce. In addition, increasing your water intake while decreasing sugary beverages should also be on your radar. You can browse numerous diet plans with that foundation, and from there, see if one fits your goals appropriately.

The keto diet plan is one such example. This diet requires a higher intake of fat than usual while decreasing the number of carbohydrates consumed. Since glucose is not readily used for energy, the body goes into ketosis, which allows ketone bodies (created from the breakdown of fat) to be utilized for fuel. Research has repeatedly shown us that participants of the ketogenic diet lose weight, although this particular diet is hard to maintain over a longer period. Another downside to keto is a deficiency of vital nutrients, which can leave you fatigued and lower your immune system response. 

Vegan diet plans are another popular weight loss strategy. According to a study published in the journal, Nutrients, two percent of the people in the United States live a vegan lifestyle, which focuses strictly on plant-based foods. In essence, this style of dieting removes all traces of animal-related products, which includes everything from milk and eggs to meat and cheese. While a vegan diet allows for more fruits and vegetables, obtaining enough nutrients, such as protein and calcium, can be challenging, especially if you were consuming animal products before switching to a vegan diet plan. While weight loss is a benefit of eliminating animal by-products, it can be a restrictive diet over the long term.

At Revitalize Weight Loss and Wellness, we are more than aware of how challenging it can be to determine what type of weight loss program will be the right fit. As a trusted weight loss clinic, we know that staying consistent is the key to success. If you have exhausted all other options and are wondering if there’s a weight loss program that will work for you — look no further. Our team of specialists will help create an individualized plan for your weight loss journey and the education you need to stay well for years to come. Contact our weight loss clinic near you, and schedule your in-person or virtual consultation for a healthier lifestyle!